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Direct Specialty Care Alliance

Direct Specialty Care is an innovative healthcare model where physicians operated practices will partner with their patients to provide specialty care services under a flat or periodic membership fee. Direct Specialty Care aims to remove the traditional insurance-based billing system, removing the burden of documenting extensively, coding, billing, accreditation and contracting with insurance companies.

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The Wedge of Health Freedom

The Wedge of Health Freedom® is a nationwide disruptive innovation for health care initiated to restore the caring heart, ethical principles, affordability and patient-centered focus of medicine in America. The Wedge of Health Freedom® is a “meeting place” where doctors can make their third-party-free practices known to patients and patients can find affordable, patient-friendly, and confidential care. Third-party-free practices include direct primary care (DPC) practices, cash-for-care surgery centers, and pharmacies. Practices that join The Wedge of Health Freedom® adhere to eight principles: 1. Transparent, Affordable Pricing, 2. Freedom to Choose, 3. True Patient Privacy, 4. No Government Reporting, 5. No Outside Interference, 6. Cash-Based Pricing, 7. Protected Patient-Doctor Relationship, and 8. All Patients Welcome.

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